Aztecs rise power

But when the Triple Alliance attacked the Tepanec capital, they took no prisoners. Rich soil from the bottom of a lake was piled up to form ridges between rows of ditches or canals.

But in truth, these warriors were mostly composed of nobles. On a small island in Lake Texcocoelder members of the tribe spotted the eagle, the cactus, and the serpent. The almost incredible story of a small wandering tribe that was able to build an empire in one century from the beginning of the 14th century to the beginning of the 15th can be largely explained by three main factors: These clay vessels were generally red or white, with finely drawn black-and-white geometric designs.

See also pre-Columbian civilizations: For the inauguration ceremony the Mexica invited the rulers of all their subject cities, who participated as spectators in the ceremony in which an unprecedented number of war captives were sacrificed — some sources giving a figure of 84, prisoners sacrificed over four days.

Each calpulli regulated its own affairs, electing a council and officers to keep order, lead in war, dispense justice, and maintain records.

Maxtla, according to one account, was discovered in the steam baths. With the help of Tlacaelel, Itzcoatl reduced the power of the other nobles, and turned himself into an absolute ruler. They fought with a sword-like club spiked with obsidian —volcanic glass.

InAxayacatl became emperor and ruled until All able-bodied men owed military service to the empire. Start your free trial today. During the fighting, Moctezuma was killed, either by the Spaniards who killed him as they fled the city or by the Mexica themselves who considered him a traitor.

He also consolidated the class structure of Aztec society, by making it harder for commoners Nahuatl languages: All of the good land in the Valley of Mexico was already occupied by city-states.

It was here that they established Tenochtitlan.

10 Steps In The Rise Of The Aztec Empire

Political and social organization Main articles: Inthe old ruler Tezozomoc died and was replaced by his son Maxlatzin. However, when Tecuciztecatl came near the bonfire, he cowered. The god Tlaloc was believed to prefer children as sacrificial victims.

Some provinces were treated as tributary provinces, which provided the basis for economic stability for the empire, and strategic provinces, which were the basis for further expansion.

His oldest son Maxtla thought himself the rightful heir to the Tepanec Empire, but the council of elders elected his brother to the throne. The empire the Aztecs established was equaled in the New World only by that of the Incas of Peru, and the brilliance of their civilization is comparable to that of other great ancient cultures of America and the Old World.

The Aztecs rise to power Essay Sample

For the next years they paid tribute to stronger neighboring groups, especially the Tepaneca of the city-state of Azcapotzalco, whom they served as mercernaries. The Aztec, who arrived in the Valley aboutadopted some of the key organizational and ideological principles which they learned from the refugee Toltecs.

With the mild climate and ample water for irrigation, the chinampas yielded multiple harvests each year. Throughout the invasion, many Aztecs were slaughtered and more however, during this crucial time for the Aztecs, there was also a deadly outbreak of smallpox which along with the Spanish invasion; placed an end to the great Aztec empire.

Ancient America: The Rise of the Aztec Empire

The Aztec built great cities and developed a complex social, political, and religious structure. Find out more about the history of Aztecs, including videos, interesting articles, Itzcoatl’s successor Montezuma (Moctezuma) I, who took power in Watch video · The Aztecs appeared in Mesoamerica–as the south-central region of pre-Columbian Mexico is known–in the early 13th century.

Ancient America: The Rise of the Aztec Empire

Their arrival came just. The Aztecs were a pre-Columbian civilization which dominated Meso America from the 14th to the 16th century. The Aztec's advanced military, stable economy and their stratified society were the /5(1). The rise of the Aztec empire really began in with the fall of the Toltec empire.

He therefore sought to reduce the Aztec’s power in Mexico - The rise of the Aztecs: As their power grew, the Aztecs ritually murdered prisoners from all parts of what is now Mexico in Tenochtitlán.

The Rise To Power: The Mongols and The Aztecs The history of these two empires shows how they were able to conquer the different variations of subjects, and by this the Mongols had to conquer slightly more technologically advanced populations than the Aztecs had to.

Even with being built on different hemispheres and different time periods, it is very odd how they compared in becoming popular.

Aztecs rise power
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